Your success is our success

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Ever since I first started the grand experiment of running cohorts of the Unreal Collective Accelerator, my goal has been to market the program through the results of those who have actually gone through the program.

I want to show you — not tell you.

And so every time we complete a cohort, I capture their stories, testimonials, and so on. And now, having done this for two years and worked with 55 individuals, I have a lot of stories.

From the last cohort alone, we saw:

  • Mark launched his first course for filming + editing video on your iphone
  • Val finished a course around email retention, and ran a workshop that evolved into a sold out incubator program
  • Matt doubled his freelance client base and launched his personal website
  • Amy wrote and submitted a long-form nonfiction piece to a print publication
  • Jorie created and launched her talent and culture agency
  • Conor launched his creative agency + a podcast
  • Lindsey launched her direct-to-consumer cosmetic business rebrand
  • Kate worked on honing in her business development strategy
  • Mike built on the marketing for his SaaS company
  • Sayoko left her agency job and went full-time freelance
  • Alex finished a full year of vlogging and polished his personal brand
  • Rob launched his freelance photography business
  • Nathan validated his restaurant service

…and that’s not even everyone in the most recent cohort.

When you join the Unreal Collective Accelerator, you’re going to make more progress in 12 weeks than you would without it. I stack the deck in your favor, and I’ve seen results time and time again.

If you have a project you want to dig into this year, this is for you.

If you’re a founder, freelancer, or creator, this is for you.

Click here to read more, detailed stories of folks who have seen results from Unreal. This time last year, Anna was just starting her freelance business full time. By March she was surpassing her revenue goals, and by year end she had doubled her full time salary.

Seriously, read her story here. She’s amazing.

I’m here to help you do the same. Applications are open until January 25, and those who sign up before Monday, January 14 will save 20% using code EARLY.

Click here to learn more or apply