Building a project or business is hard. Not only do you need technical knowledge (who is my customer? what are their needs? how do I get in front of them? how do I sell to them?) but also the resilience to hang in when times get tough.

Unreal Collective is a community of founders and freelancers who help each other improve technically and also support each other through the journey. This path isn't easy, but it certainly helps to have people in your corner.

We start again in June 2018. Join the waitlist to be the first to know about the next opportunity to become a member.

Just a couple of questions…

“I just want to say that Unreal Collective is awesome. I was worried that I wasn’t at a point yet that the Collective could help me because I hadn’t helped myself, but fortunately you proved me wrong. Connecting each cohort with all the others is a power multiplier.”

– Andrew, Freelance Photographer