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Some of the Unreal experiences from ambitious people like you who have taken part in our 12-week accelerator.

"It's been absolutely worth the investment and was absolutely worth the investment at a very early point in the experience."
Matt Deptola, Creator of The Collective Newsletter

"The group really helped me refine my message and pushed me to get this message out."

Grant Mosher, Founder of the Guy Talk Company
"During my 12 weeks of Unreal I doubled my client base and I also launched a website...what used to be a hobby became a legitimate side gig."
Matt Ray, freelance videographer

"I really needed Unreal as a support structure, because while I am really good at my craft, running a business is different. And I needed help."

Anna Hetzel, Conversion Copywriter and Brand Strategist

"I worked with more clients and was able to charge more than I was comfortable with before."

"If you need some guidance, support, or accountability for where you're going, Unreal is the perfect way to get that."
Jesse Lear, Creator of Intentionally Lucky
"It has led to valuable networking. In fact, I've partnered with Unreal members, past members, and hired some folks to help me at TribeVest."
Travis Smith, founder and CEO of TribeVest
"I now have two confirmed small businesses who are ongoing clients and a whole workshop program -- which is more than I thought I could accomplish."
Cayley Muir, Founder of Composing Excellence

"To think that these folks that I've never met, who were halfway across the country, were in my corner...that mattered a lot."

Reagan Pugh, founder of Assemble
"Jay was able to connect me with the right people even outside of my group to really handle some of the bigger problems that I had."
Lindsey Moeller, founder and CEO of CONCUR
"We've gone from zero to 100 in our preparations for launch."

"It helped me understand truly what I needed to do next to continue further validating and proving out my concept."

Tanya Vora, founder of Cheers!
"I came in to complete my album, which had gone by the wayside. I felt like I was struggling, and I wanted to conquer that."
Joey Viola, Joey the Songwriter
“At the beginning of Unreal Collective, Exploring With Words had 8 listings on we have almost 200. I went from making about $200 per month in revenue to $1,100.”
Clayton Fuller, founder of Exploring With Words

"I get in my way a lot thinking, 'Do I have all the knowledge for this? Do I have all the skills?'...I was encouraged by the group to start."

Elyse Dierking, owner of Clay Hills Creative
"When I started, I was really hoping to get some feedback from other people in a similar space ... but actually I got so much more than that."
Adam Morris, Creator and Host of the People Helping People Podcast
"12 weeks after starting Unreal Collective, we have an amazing team...a really solid foundation...and we have prospective clients."
Andy Curran, founder and CEO of WeVote

"I just want to say that Unreal Collective is awesome. I was worried that I wasn’t at a point yet that the Collective could help me because I hadn’t helped myself, but fortunately you proved me wrong. Connecting each cohort with all the others is a power multiplier."Andrew, Freelance Photographer

“Jay created a diverse group of individuals in age, thinking styles, and career paths, who bring different skills and experiences. That is difficult to do on your own.”Helayne, Principal at Kalypso

"I needed to tackle a big writing project that I’d been putting off for a year, but I didn’t have the motivation to even start. The accountability that the Collective gave was empowering — no one was breathing down my neck to write, but sharing weekly updates with an awesome group of people who were making progress on their own challenging projects inspired me to keep up. I am so glad I pushed myself to be a part of this — and I’ll have something I’m proud of to show for it at the end."Emily, Comedian and Reductress Contributor

"When I began Unreal Collective, my expectations were largely centered around the potential for my own professional growth. What I did not anticipate was what has become my biggest takeaway – Unreal is a place to converge and share in our professional journeys in a way that translates deeply into one’s personal life. As my wife put it so wonderfully, “The Collective has really helped you find your voice in a variety of ways.” I’m grateful for that opportunity and excited for your own journey into the Unreal Collective."Ryan, Founder of Make Columbus

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