Terms and Conditions

Last updated June 14, 2020

By using UnrealCollective.com (“the Site”) or purchasing Unreal Collective Accelerator or Community Membership (“the Service”), you’re consenting to the terms outlined below.

"You" and "Us"

In regards to this agreement, “you” can be a person or an organization. You can purchase Unreal Collective Accelerator or Community Membership for your own use or for your organization’s use.

What you can’t do is buy the Service and share your access with whomever you want.

The terms “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Unreal Collective LLC The term “the Site” refers to UnrealCollective.com and the term “the Service” refers to the paid Unreal Collective membership.

Privacy Policy

If you’d like to check out our privacy policy to find out how we use your info, you can do so by reading our Privacy Policy here.

The Service

Unreal Collective Accelerator Membership is a 3-month, private coaching program organized online and through a Slack community. Unreal Collective Community Membership is a product that includes access to private online resources, a private member dashboard and a community of entrepreneurs. (“Service Content.”)

What You Get

Within Unreal Collective Community Membership, you get access to the following digital resources at any time:

  • Unreal Collective Community Access (Slack)

  • Unreal Collective Community updates (through email)

  • Unreal Collective Community Resources (online)
My Intellectual Property

The Site and Service contain intellectual property (stuff I made) owned by Unreal Collective LLC, including trademarks, copyrights, proprietary information, and other intellectual property.

Our copyrighted and original materials are provided to you as part of the Service for your individual use only and a single-user license. All intellectual property, including our copyrighted materials shall remain the sole property of Unreal Collective LLC. No license to sell or distribute our materials is granted or implied.

You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in any way exploit in any format whatsoever any of the Site or Service Content or intellectual property, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent.

This includes but is not limited to sharing material with others who have not paid for the Service, posting excerpts of material on any social media, blogging about the material, or in any other way that would reasonably appear to share the Site or Service’s information with a non-member. I reserve the right to immediately remove you from the Service, without refund, if you are caught violating this intellectual property policy.


The purchase price for the Unreal Collective Accelerator Base Membership is $995. Unreal Collective Accelerator Plus Membership is $1495. Unreal Collective Accelerator Premium Membership is $1995. Unreal Collective Community membership is $9 per month or $99 for the year. All purchases must be made by credit card using Stripe’s payment processing service or PayPal’s payment processing service. (Note: By making this purchase, you also agree to both Stripe and PayPal’s user agreement.)

In the event that your subscription payment fails, you will lose access to the Service until the balance is paid in full.

Unreal Collective Membership Terms

For the duration of this agreement, I shall maintain the UnrealCollective.com website and all the websites necessary to provide you access to your membership.

I'm one person so I can’t guarantee that my sites will be up 100% of the time or that your access might not be limited due to power outages, unpaid cable bills, acts of deities, tornadoes of fire, alien invasions, or any other forces that are outside of our control. I take reasonable steps to maintain these websites and correct problems as they occur.

When new membership perks are available, you'll be notified by:

  • A new notice in the Unreal Collective Slack channel

  • I will send an email to the Unreal Collective Membership list
Cancellation and Refunds

If you cancel the Service before the end of your current paid up month, you will retain access to the products within the Service until the end of your payment period and then you will not be charged again.

Should something come up and you absolutely need a refund for the payment of your current month ONLY, I will not hold your money hostage. But if a refund is processed, you will lose access to all materials related to the Service and I reserve the right to reject your ability to purchase the Service in the future.

Updates to These Terms

I may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions. Such amendments are effective immediately upon notice to you by us posting the new Terms and Conditions on this Site. Any use of the Site or Service by you after being notified means you accept these amendments. I will post the most recent versions to the Site and list the effective dates on the pages of the Terms and Conditions.

Updates to the Service and Prices

I reserve the right at any time to make changes and updates to the Service Content and the offerings within the Service.

If any changes to the price of the Service are made by me, you will receive at least 30 days notice.

Unreal Collective LLC shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

Violation of Terms

If I learn that you’ve allowed someone unauthorized access to our works, you agree to face the following penalties:

  1. The Service will be terminated and you will lose your access to the Unreal Collective Membership for eternity, and

  2. You must make a $500 donation to the charity of our choosing at that time (which must be verified).

All other disputes related to this agreement shall be resolved in a court located in Franklin County, Ohio. By purchasing the Service, you consent and submit to this jurisdiction. This agreement shall be governed by Ohio law.

By purchasing the Service, you agree that if there’s a dispute you may only bring a claim on behalf of yourself, and no class action lawsuits. You also agree that the maximum amount you can collect from a dispute is a refund in the amount of your total payment for the Service.

If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any part of this agreement to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

Contact Information

Questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and compliments are always welcome. Please contact me at jay@unrealcollective.com.

Entire Agreement

That’s it! This agreement contains all the terms of the licensing contract between us. If something is not in this agreement, it was left out on purpose.