Slack is the communication tool used by the whole Collective.

You can use Slack to communicate in real-time (synchronously) or asynchronously. Your micro-community will have a private Slack channel, and you will have access to public channels as well.

In this way, you have access to the whole collective in the public channels or via direct message.

New to Slack? Check out these guides:
Getting Started for new users
Slack 101: Onboarding
Slack 102: Staying focused on the right things

Download Slack for:
Windows  |  Mac  |  iOS  |  Android

Google Meet

Google Meet is the tool we use for our video calls.

We meet every week for 60 minutes over Google Meet. You should have received a Google Calendar invite to hold our meeting time every week, and that invite has the direct link to your Google Meet chat room.

Our Google Meet chat room uses the same URL every week, so you can bookmark it if you’d like. It is also saved as the Channel Topic in your micro-community’s private Slack channel.

Download Google Meet for:
iOS  |  Android