Tanya Vora

UX Designer / Founder of Cheers


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Tanya is passionate about providing people with great experiences. She is originally from Akron, Ohio and is an alumna of The Ohio State University. She has a full-time job as a UX/UI designer and researcher for a consulting company in Columbus, Ohio. In September of 2018 at Startup Weekend, she pitched an idea for “Cheers”, a rentable, curated, decoration box. The idea stemmed from her experiences with planning parties. Her siblings had both gotten married and had kids in the recent past. As the youngest sister, she helped to plan the weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and first birthdays. The process to plan each of these events proved to be frustrating and time consuming. It was difficult to find a site or location that met her decoration needs, as she had never planned such events before. “Cheers” would potentially save people time when planning parties, as well as reduce waste once returned back to the company. Her team ended up taking second place, and she’s since then been continuing with the idea. 

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Tanya is in the process of continuing to validate her concept. She’ll be spending the next couple months talking to target customers, curating a box for an event, and selling the first box for “Cheers”.