Stuart Crane

Founder of Voice Metrics


Please provide a personal bio for other members to get to know you

I am a software entrepreneur. After building many software applications for Columbus-based companies, I started a software company in '93 and grew it over 20 years, ultimately selling the business in 2013. Since then I have been mostly retired. I have a wife and 2 teenage kids.

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

I am building a voice application that allows businesses to instantly get their metrics, KPI's, and other key information just by asking -- via Alexa, Ok Google, Cortana, and Siri. The product is called "Voice Metrics". Currently I am working with one developer, we have built an Alexa Skill, and we have a few beta testers playing with it. Our goal is to roll out an interface to Slack this fall, along with our open API product for any/all businesses to use with their data.