Matt Verlinich

Founder of OnTheRocks


Please provide a personal bio for other members to get to know you

Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. Went to Penn State, where I got a BS and an MS in Engineering Science and Mechanics in 4.5 years. Worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Westinghouse Electric Company (now bankrupt) for 3 years (until I paid off my school loans and saved up money for freedom). Then I started and ran the Pittsburgh franchise of a recently bankrupt company called TechShop; I had nothing to do with the bankruptcy of either of these companies I swear! TechShop was an international chain of makerspaces, which gave me great experience and exposure to every stage of prototyping, launching, and running a business (both product and service based). I left TechShop to turn one of my ideas into money. I did so by launching a successful crowdfunding campaign which I delivered on. I sold my excess inventory on Amazon and doubled down on my first shipping container of product. I'm now trying to sell/grow as fast as I can and add new lines product and lines of business at the same time!

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

First I'd like help focusing in on a few. Top contenders are 1) driving traffic to my ecommerce channels 2) upskilling on digital marketing 3) prioritizing my other product ideas 4) deciding on timelines for my other products 5) potentially re-branding