Matt Deptola

Founder of Young Americans Let's Get Going


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I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and went to Ohio State, studying public affairs and nonprofit management. I graduated in 2014 and really discovered a passion for growing ideas, policy, and people. I've been at JobsOhio since graduating working in project management. 95% of my time is dedicated to negotiating financial incentives, business development, and real estate selection. I've been working on Young Americans, Let's Get Going and The Collective as a passion project for the past 2+ years and am really fired up by its potential.

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

The Collective is an email newsletter that summarizes 3-5 of the week's top political news stories for young Americans. We've build, redesigned, and grown the newsletter over the past 2 years and have produced 45 issues with over 3,000 unique views. Currently, we have 185+ subscribers. I think there is an opportunity to take it to the next level, but I don't know how.