Leah Mitchell

Creator of Lepa Miris Luxury Candles


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As the founder of Lepa Miris, LLC, Leah Mitchell is a dedicated creative with a passion for designing ethically and sustainably sourced luxury goods. Her work has been presented as gifts to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Jackson. Her original creative influence was derived from her mother— an art teacher and practicing artist—when she was young. Leah’s artistic flair combined with her dedication to detail generates a natural pathway to a collection of beautifully unique products. Leah continues to hone her skills over time, receiving her formal education from Grand Valley State University and The Ohio State University, culminating with a master’s degree in public health. Additionally, Leah actively combines these two worlds of artistry and public health by donating a percentage of all profit toward clean water access in developing countries and disaster areas.

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Lepa Miris Luxury Candles-- Charter Collection