Kyle Asperger

Founder of 301 Original


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The Founder
301 Original’s founder, Kyle Asperger, doesn’t take pics, he makes them. He storyboards a shoot ahead of time with his clients to ensure that their pain points — each and every detail — is taken care of. 

However, that’s only a portion of what he does. 

Pain Points
Pain points stem from stories. Not how eloquently they’re told, but the speed bumps that brands encounter and how they came to be knocking on 301’s door. Companies don’t come to creative strategists when they have everything figured out, no. 

Something’s missing. Often times, in one form or another, though many wouldn’t say it like this, there’s a certain level of legitimacy that has yet to be achieved. 

Some brands know exactly what they need...a logo, website, revamped image library and copy and explainer videos? Awesome. 301 Original will bring the right team to the table to knock the project out of the park. 

301’s network means the world to them. It’s full of people that blow minds on the regular. We do what we can to take care of eachother.

No-Strings-Attached Phone Call
Others may not know exactly what they need. A no-strings-attached conversation usually clears that up. 

Kyle dives straight into the story, through which pain points often surface. Because of his extensive knowledge of the creative process, his network, and the simple fact that he gives a damn, a conversation could point your company in a more profitable direction.

301 Original pinpoints what is original to you.

Simply put, we allow your brand the opportunity to truly connect with your end user by finding what is truly original and relatable about it. 

We help maintain and grow your brand. 

Through Meetup, 301 Original hosts photography critiques on a monthly basis as well as a diverse range of speakers. The photography critiques open up the floor to progressing and pushing photographers at any stage. I'm also teaching photography accelerators as I come across inspired people who truly want to learn the art of making high quality imagery.

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Establishing more relationships with local agencies

Shooting more editorial work to get 301's name out there

Creating a portfolio of work that is easy and attractive enough to put in front of the corporate clientele I'm seeking out

Refining my verbiage pertaining to 301 Original, improving on my elevator speech 

Breaking down walls I've inadvertently been building for myself