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For the past 6 years, I created Death to Stock.

We are a fully bootstrapped, remote company, used by brands like Twitter, Visa, Xero and TED. DTS grew to 500k+ subscribers and $1.5M in revenue without advertising. 

Today I teach people how to stop feeling like they’re yelling into the crowd, and instead win by understanding the right message that creates more results.

I like to dive head first into new industries, niches and subcultures, going first and testing out new ways of living and working.

(And sharing what I learn so that you don’t have to... yet)

Some example experiments...

I moved to NYC to live in the first ever Co-Living Space, Common.

I order my clothing by subscription,
and was one of the first to recieve returnable, replaceable and monthly packages of clothing and toiletries, with Lot 2046. –– 

I purchased and used the first ever “Ethereum Token based on a Human”
with Matthew Vernon’s $BOI freelancing token. 

I almost exlusively invest in new fronteir financial vehicles and products. 

I document these products here with the new money product index

One of such investments is literally in vehicles, purchasing fractional shares of Classic Cars through Rally Rd.

I’m currently exploring the future of work by creating automations, and exploring ML + AI as an assistant to my workflow, I call the workflow “Davidbot.” 

You can read some about my philosophy for that here. 
Navigating the 4th Cycle, Our work and Future with AI.

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Building this into a community:

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