Annette Furio

Founder of Birdhaus Co.


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Annette Furio is co-owner and lead designer at Birdhaus Co. Invitations and Stationery, a Columbus, Ohio-based design studio and three-time winner of The Knot Best of Weddings award. She is dedicated to bringing her couples’ wedding experiences to life off the printed page through highly-personalized design—from invitations to each printed piece on the big day. Annette’s agency background in graphic and web design gives her a strong foundation in visual communication and client collaboration.

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

My project for the next 12 weeks is threefold. First, it’s important in the first quarter to book over half of my couples for 2019. I will be focusing on business development through networking, partnerships and marketing. My second goal is to launch our Etsy shop promoting a number of pre-designed downloads and products to establish another arm of the business. Lastly, I would like to research and validate the idea of a “Crash Course in Wedding Planning” workshop for newly engaged couples. This is an event or event series where newly engaged couples learn from industry pros in each category about the reality of planning your wedding in Columbus, Ohio.