Introducing Community Membership

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One of my absolute favorite things is seeing someone who is totally into their work. The people who are doing something almost out of compulsion…they can’t help but be doing that thing.

That kind of energy is totally infectious.

I’m lucky that my business puts me around these people — and what’s more, I can play a small part in their ability to do so!

In my experience, there is nothing more fulfilling than living a life of your own design. I “work” more hours than I ever have before, but it’s because I can’t help but.

To me, betting on myself is the best route for long-term sustainability. “Job security,” to me, is a myth. (but I digress…)

Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know hundreds of people who are living lives of their own design. Whether it’s a side hustle, freelancing, starting a company, or just creating art for the world (podcasts, books, vlogs…) I’ve been lucky to work with several dozen of them.

It’s been amazing.

I’ve also met dozens, if not hundreds, of people who have that desire. Some of them have specific ideas for projects or businesses, and some of them don’t.

And when we’ve spoken about what it would look like to make the next step, I’ve introduced the idea of joining Unreal Collective to them. Some of them have leapt at the chance, and some of them have said, “I’m not sure I’m ready.”

That statement eats me up. It’s a story we tell ourselves — I tell myself the same story all the time. But, I recognized joining Unreal Collective was not only a financial commitment, but a personal, psychological commitment as well.

So I’m introducing a second path forward.

The Unreal Collective 12-week Accelerator continues, and applications are open now

But if you’re not ready to jump into a 12-week intensive with weekly meetings dedicated to a single project or business, I’m offering you a chance to test the waters.

Now, you can join the Unreal Collective community. You’ll get the same access to our membership resources, including product discounts, instructions for filing your LLC, credit card recommendations, time with our preferred accountant, a consult from our development partner, and more.

You will join our community Slack, get access to our monthly community video call, as well as our guides as they are released (more on that later).

And if you want to upgrade your membership to an Accelerator membership in an upcoming cohort, you just pay the difference.

If you’re itching to take the next step, but you’re not quite sure you’re ready, this is for you.

Click here to join Unreal Collective

Applications for our upcoming accelerator cohort are open now through June 22. It’s likely the last cohort of 2018, so I suggest you join us if you’re on the fence!

I’ve seen the impact, and I hope you’ll join us. And you don’t need to take my word for it.