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We will succeed together.

Unreal Collective is designed for individuals who are committed to taking action and accelerating their growth - the growth of themselves and their projects. We are looking for folks who are driven and ambitious, but also open and generous - regardless of your project or experience.

If this sounds like you, we'd love for you to join us. You'll join a group that is best fit for your growth and have lifetime access to the whole Collective.

What to expect

When you join Unreal Collective, we start by co-creating your 12-week goals. I work with you one-on-one to understand your project, overall goals, and create a 12-week roadmap based upon milestones and obstacles.

Then for 12 weeks, your group will meet on a weekly video call with the facilitator. I ensure that our video calls are run on time and in the proper format to maximize your outcomes.

At the end of each video call, we set action items for the following week. Before our next call, I check in with you to make sure you're progressing and properly supported. At all times, you are able to communicate within and outside of your group in our private Slack community.

After 12 weeks, your group is free to continue to meet whenever you'd like. If you'd like to form a new micro-community with other members of the Collective, that's fine too. And, if you'd like for me to continue to facilitate calls, you can opt into the next cycle.

Sometimes, we will schedule optional meetups virtually and in different locations across the country.

You receive lifetime access to the community, our expert network, and resource center. The community will continue to grow.

Get started now

For a limited time, I'm also offering one-on-one coaching time for members of the Collective. This is great for more individualized attention on your project to move even faster and can be broken up however you'd like.

As the community grows and becomes more valuable, pricing will increase and membership selection will get more competitive with every cycle.

Are you ready to join the Collective? Start by filling out an application to tell me about your project. I am careful and intentional to select members who can both contribute and benefit equally with the rest of the Collective. I hope you will join us!

- Jay

“I just want to say that Unreal Collective is awesome. I was worried that I wasn’t at a point yet that the Collective could help me because I hadn’t helped myself, but fortunately you proved me wrong. Connecting each cohort with all the others is a power multiplier.”
Andrew, Freelance Photographer

“I needed to tackle a big writing project that I’d been putting off for a year, but I didn’t have the motivation to even start. The accountability that the Collective gave was empowering — no one was breathing down my neck to write, but sharing weekly updates with an awesome group of people who were making progress on their own challenging projects inspired me to keep up. I am so glad I pushed myself to be a part of this — and I’ll have something I’m proud of to show for it at the end.”
Emily, Comedian and Reductress Contributor



  • Group matching
  • 12-week goal setting exercise
  • 12 weeks of facilitated calls
  • One year of community membership
  • Dedicated 1-on-1 coaching



  • Group matching
  • 12-week goal setting exercise
  • 12 weeks of facilitated calls
  • One year of community membership
  • Weekly 1-on-1

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