Come for the X, Stay for the Y

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There’s this amazing article by Google Ventures, called “Come for the X, stay for the Y” that I think about it all the time.

The article talks about the difference between “apparent” and “discoverable” value in products. They use the example of Gmail — the “apparent” value of Gmail is the ability to send emails, sync to an app on your phone, use integrate with Google Drive…

But the discoverable aspects of Gmail are smaller things. Small details that add up and create a remarkable experience over time.

Apparent value — This kind of value is easy to explain and gets users to sign up. It fixes a pain-point customers already experience. It’s typically better, faster, cheaper. In Gmail’s case, it was storage space.

Discoverable value — This kind of value appears when benefits are delayed or when a product requires users to develop new habits (which takes time). It also appears when many slight improvements combine to make a big difference in the experience. This kind of value is powerful because it keeps people around. For Gmail, this was search and conversation view.

This is particularly important when it comes to talking about the benefits of a product. It’s much easier to sell apparent value than it is discoverable value. Because by definition, discoverable value needs to be discovered to be understood.

It would be difficult to sell people on Gmail simply for the search or conversation view.

But what I’ve seen that is interesting is that discoverable value can be explained effectively — by your customers. This is very effective through word of mouth, but not from the person selling or explaining the product.

I bring this up, because there is a lot of apparent value joining the Unreal Collective Accelerator (weekly accountability, outside feedback and perspective, a community of people, help with goal setting) but there is even more discoverable value.

It comes in the small things that live in connection to other people, the relationships formed, and the inspiration of being around this community. It’s in the serendipity of talking with new, remarkable people.

I hope you’ll consider joining me in discovering it.

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