changes, improvements, and the transitions in between

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I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions this week, thanks in large part to a conversation with David Sherry on his Creative Caffeine podcast.

Change and transitions are inevitable. The world naturally moves towards disorder as entropy increases (read more here if you’re into chemistry).

We see this play out in our work and even our personal development.

There are basically three stages: you’re either starting something new, stopping something you’ve been working on, or maintaining the status quo.

Maintaining the status quo is usually the easiest and most comfortable. We have habits, systems, and routines built to help us keep going.

It’s much harder to get something started or putting an end to something. This is where you’re say, “I’m looking to make a change. I want this to be better. I know I can do more.”

Even when the overall project or business is the same, there are new “starts.” A new initiative, a new test, or a new element.

When you’re trying to go from 0 to 1, or from 1 back down to 0, there’s a lot of resistance to get through in order to be successful. That’s usually fear, insecurity, or uncertainty.

And fear, insecurity, and uncertainty often hide under the mask of “I don’t have time.”

But you do have the time. And you do have the ability to get through that resistance.

I want to help you.

This week, I reopened applications for our Unreal Collective Accelerator program. 

The accelerator program is designed for founders, freelancers, and creatives to make remarkable progress on your project or business over the course of 12 weeks together.

In short, you don’t have to make changes, improvements, or transitions alone. The Accelerator is a perfect place to find help and support in pushing you through the resistance.

To date, 75 individuals have gone through the program and accomplished incredible things. If you’re ready to take a next step, I’d encourage you to apply here.

And don’t take my word for it! Read their storiestestimonials, or the NPS scores.

Applications are due May 31.

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