Announcing our first Unreal Collective Creator Cohort

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I’ve been a creator for nearly four years now. Every week, I published three newsletters that go out to thousands of people, two weekly podcasts that have more than 150K combined downloads, and I’ve just learned a lot about how this all works.

Most of those lessons came the hard way and took me way too long to learn.

I know I can make that learning process a lot shorter for others.

So this summer, I will work with 5 individuals who are serious about producing great work and building an audience.

I’m calling it the inaugural Unreal Collective Accelerator Creator Cohort.

I’m looking for people working on:

  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Email newsletters
  • YouTube Channels
  • Courses
  • …and more

We will meet over Zoom for one hour each week to help:

  • Hold each other accountable to publishing consistently
  • Improve each others’ processes
  • Provide critical feedback on each others’ work
  • And build an audience and/or community more quickly

I’m going to play with the format a little bit, too – it will be both a mix of group hot seats (i.e. feedback sessions for individual members) as well as specific workshops.

Details to know

  • You and I will meet 1-on-1 at the start to create a roadmap personalized to you
  • The group will meet via Zoom for an hour every week for 12 weeks
  • Calls run from June 15 through August 31
  • Joining the Creator Cohort will also give you a year access to the Unreal Collective private Slack community


Because I’m going to be trying this new format, and because we are in a pandemic, I have lowered traditional accelerator pricing by $200.

  • Accelerator Base (Group calls only): $795
  • Accelerator Plus (Group calls + biweekly 1-on-1 with me): $1295
  • Accelerator Premium (Group calls + weekly 1-on-1 with me): $1795

Past Unreal creator projects include:

If this is calling to you, I encourage you to apply here before June 5.