Hey, my name is Jay Clouse.

I'm the founder of Unreal Collective, host of the upside podcast, and author for Linkedin Learning.

For the past several years, I've been focused on building software products. I've learned how to build a product that people really want, and how to build a business around that.

In 2014, I joined the founding team of Tixers, a digital ticket marketplace. We raised seed funding, and were acquired a year later.

After Tixers, I joined CrossChx where I was a leader on the product team, building software products in the healthcare industry. To date, CrossChx has raised $50M+.

It's easy to talk about accomplishments -- but I have been successful due to the help, guidance, and friendship of a ton of people.

Several years ago, I found myself with an opportunity to move in with six total strangers. This group of guys ranged from ages 22-32 and had very diverse backgrounds including music, entrepreneurship, steel working, management consulting, and security.

I didn't realize how valuable that diverse environment was to my success.

For the next two years, I was constantly surrounded by individuals who were all working tirelessly on their own independent projects. Being in this environment pushed me and my business to achieve more as I was constantly inspired, supported, and given feedback.

I realized that so much of my personal and professional growth was a result of surrounding myself with incredible individuals who were working hard on their own personal and professional development. At the same time, I was able to grow my own personal network exponentially.

The progress I was able to make once I started regularly spending my time with amazing people was unreal. I want to share that experience with you.

Over the last seven years, I've organized dozens of community events like Startup Weekend. I'm an experienced community builder and facilitator, and I'm excited to co-create this community with you.

The best investments I have ever made have been in myself. I hope you'll choose to invest in yourself and join Unreal Collective.


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Jay’s support was invaluable during my recent job search. His encouragement gave me the confidence to ask for what I actually felt I was worth, and prevented any second guesses as to what I wanted to do with my career. I’m happy with the decisions I made, and his ability to hold me accountable without being overbearing or pushy has led me to be incredibly grateful for Jay’s support.Mike, Software Engineer


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Customer Discovery for Product Managers

Columbus Startup Week 2018

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