Bryan Gintz

Software Engineer and founder of Novvia


Please provide a personal bio for other members to get to know you

As a child of a IT entrepreneur I swore I would not follow in my fathers footsteps. Fortunately the passion for creating was too strong and I decided to pursue a Computer Science degree in college. While I thought it was a good career choice I didn't realize that it would lead me to a lifelong pursuit of a craft that I absolutely love, both in the learning and the teaching. I feel truly blessed when I hear conversations where people are talking about how much they dislike their jobs and I CANNOT RELATE! I have done everything from help desk to systems admin to managing IT departments, but my first love is development. In 2017 I decided to go out on my own with the goal of focusing on developing my own direct to consumer apps and helping other folks do the same!

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

My first focus is to have a good understanding of the "services" side of my business, both how to find, onboard and support my customers AND to make sure I am doing it in a sustainable way. The second goal will be to have a fully functional beta of my item lending and tracking app - Lendbrary .