Brian Thomas

Director Of Business Development at 108dlt


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Hello all. My name is Brian and my business is business. More specifically, growing businesses through web tech development and marketing (yes, I'm a millennial). I have a background in engineering and developing the IoT (before it was called the IoT, we created information systems using wireless sensor networks for large manufacturers). About 2 years ago, I created my company called Impact Social. At first, the focus was on fundraising and event planning, but I quickly grew to realize that the success of that business would be around lead-gen and marketing technology. Fast-forward to 12 events and 9 months later, I was burned out of the event space. So I wrote co-authored a book called Marketing Automation Foundation: Eliminating Unproductive Marketing (free on Kindle Unlimited!). Since, I have been doing strategy, web design, consulting, and advertising architecture for businesses around Columbus.

My goal now is 2-fold: create drop-shipping practices that will employee my knowledge, technology, and logistics network to create month-to-month steady income while I evolve my company to the next tier of web-technology development in 2018 focusing on Blockchain technology for industry solutions (there are too many).

My "expertise" (as of 6 years in the game): *IoT technology *Marketing Strategy *Marketing Automation *Web development *Mechanical Engineering *Event Planning *Teaching ESL (certified) *Language/communication (professional writing, specific) Some industries I am familiar with, though not an expert in: *Healthcare *Large metal recycling/manufacturing *Freight Forwarding *Film Production *Non-profits *Fashion

Please provide an overview of the project(s) you'll be focusing on for the next 12 weeks as part of Unreal Collective.

Drop-shipping Vodka; Putting together a business plan/funding strategy for a blockchain technology in which specifics need to remain under wraps.